July 2020 Update to Shor-McCarty State Legislatures Data

Today I posted the individual, legislator-level ideology data as well as the aggregate state and chamber-level data for our state legislature ideology data. The data is free for public download and use. Please cite our data and paper if you use this in your academic work, and/or link back to us in other work.

We have extended the data collection from 1993 through 2018 (in other words, now including the results of the 2016 and 2017 state elections). In addition, a number of missing chamber-years between 1993 and 2018 have been been filled in. We now have 24,716 unique state legislators in our data, as well as 2,268 chamber-years of aggregate data, compared to 22,868 legislators and 2,025 chamber-years in the previous release.

As with previous iterations, we have continued to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning up the data; there should be far fewer noise-related issues. But please let us know if you see particular problems.

You can find the individual data here and the state level data here.

Bugs should be reported to us.

The roll call data collection in this update has been supported financially by the Russell Sage Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Princeton University, and the University of Houston.

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