Updated Aggregated Data Release

We are releasing a new version of our state and chamber-level aggregate data. We have focused on two major updates:

  1. In all, we have 140 chamber-years of new data. These now include party data for Nebraska thanks to friend and coauthor Seth Masket, who generously provided the informal but well-known partisan affiliations for Unicameral legislators.
  2. The individual level data underlying this release has been extensively cleaned to minimize the random noise inherent in acquiring roll call votes from printed journals.

You can find the data here.

4 thoughts on “Updated Aggregated Data Release

    1. bshor Post author

      Wow, this is great. How difficult was it to produce the data in a format Google understands?

      1. Anthony Delligatti

        Not very difficult. I did it with “Magic Maps,” mapping software for Macs. It is good for making spatio-temporal maps like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oxxwbKWsS1k.

        I took your data and changed the state initials to the full state names so that Magic Maps would recognize it. Then I opened it in Magic Maps. Then I exported the data as a DSPL file. Google recognizes a DSPL file to upload the data. I uploaded it to the google public data explorer.

  1. Jesse

    This is a fantastic dataset. Not to be a selfish jerk and ask for more, but – what are the odds of ever releasing/schedule for releasing values for years prior to 1993? How far back might you be able to go?


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